比利时策展人Goedele Bartholomeeusen成为首届“微征集”项目优胜者
Reality Bytes Selected for the Frank F. Yang Art and Education Foundation “Micro-Curatorial Project”

文|龙云   编辑|林嘉欣

历时四个月,首届杨锋艺术与教育基金会“微征集”优胜者名单终于出炉:来自比利时的策展人Goedele Bartholomeeusen的方案 “Reality Bytes” 获得评委一致认可,夺得此次微征集项目的桂冠;Dasha Biryukova(俄罗斯)位列第二 Hanna Laura Kaljo(英国)和卞卡 (中国大陆)并列第三。

由主席凯伦•史密斯(Karen Smith,OCAT西安馆执行馆长)带领,刘秀仪(Venus Lau,OCAT深圳馆艺术总监)、鲍栋(中国艺术评论家、策展人)、段建宇(中国青年艺术家)与杨锋(收藏家)组成的专业评审团在评选会上对九份入围方案展开了两轮激烈讨论,深入评估方案的整体质量与可行性。最终比利时策展人Goedele Bartholomeeusen的展览方案以其紧贴时代选题和完整策展思路获得评委肯定。评委认为,Goedele Bartholomeeusen 并没有纠缠于元件与复制件的机械复制时代分野,而是用不同艺术形式追求大光学时代的空间概念。她聚焦新一代艺术家对互联网带来的身份问题的回应,把网络议题与当代艺术系统的展览方式在线下连接起来,讨论何谓之“现实”的展览。

获胜者Goedele Bartholomeeusen毕业于比利时荷兰语天主教鲁汶大学(KU Leuven)美术史与策展专业,同时拥有该校的经济学与商务传播双学位。曾參與策展当代艺术节 Coup De Ville (圣尼古拉斯, 比利时)和 《沉迷》(布鲁塞尔,比利时)。她专注探讨未来、文学与哲学方面的内容,并将之与时下议题联系。


杨锋艺术与教育基金会非常期待与Goedele Bartholomeeusen的合作,将全力支持获选方案的实施。该展览计划于今年秋季在南海意库有空间举行。

Text | Ariadne Long    Translator | Fiona He

We are pleased to announce, the first recipient of the Frank F. Yang Art and Education Foundation “Micro-Curatorial Project” is awarded to the Belgian curator Goedele Bartholomeeusen’s exhibition proposal “Reality Bytes”. Dasha Biryukova (Russia) came in the second place, while Hanna Laura Kaljo (U.K) and Bian Ka (Mainland China) are listed in the third position. 

A professional jury, chaired by Karen Smith (Executive Director of the Xi’an OCAT), staffed with Venus Lau (Artistic Director, Shenzhen OCAT), Bao Dong (Art Critic and Curator), Duan Jianyu (Artist) and Frank F. Yang (Collector) had two rounds of heated discussion on the nine finalists’ proposals, evaluating the overall quality and feasibility of each proposal in depth. As a result, the concurrent concerns of the present and comprehensiveness in curatorial approach gained recognition from the judging panel. The jury comments, “In a time when reality is becoming virtual, instead of dwelling on delineating the boundary between the original and the copy in an age of mechanical reproduction, Goedele adopts various artistic forms in the pursuit of spatial concepts in an age of the big optics. She focuses on the new generation artists’ response on identity under the impact of the internet, by integrating online subjects with modes of exhibition in the art system in offline settings, Goedele discusses what is an exhibition of the “real”.

The winner, Goedele Bartholomeeusen is a Belgian curator. She graduated cum laude with a bachelor and a master’s degree in Art History and Curatorship, as well as a master’s degree in Economics and Business Communication from K.U. Leuven, Belgium. Her co-curated festival and exhibition include Coup de Ville (Sint Niklaas, Belgium) and Obsession (Brussels, Belgium). She is interested in the transformation over the 20th century, the future, literature and philosophy.

Karen Smith expressed her amazement in the efficiency of the “Micro-Curatorial Project”, that to her surprises, the project called on curators practicing around the world to apply with their proposals in a very short period of time. Through out the process, all of the jurors discovered an interesting range of subjects among these proposals that represents disparaging ideas within various national contexts. Among them, some are young curators and others more experienced, who shared a vision on China. For which she stated, “This is a great feeling, that the curators think China is an ideal place to present art exhibitions. In this regard, the Foundation serves as a new art institution providing possibilities in China. We can pinpoint the excellence in these nine proposals from various aspects, which allowed us to choose the four finalists and the winning proposal. This will be helpful for the ensuing works, contacting the curator and executing the exhibition henceforth. The meeting among the jurors set out a good beginning for this project.”

Frank. F. Yang Art and Education Foundation looks forward to collaborating with Goedele Bartholomeeusen, and will provide full support in executing the winning proposal. This exhibition is scheduled to open at Nanhai E-Cool Space in the fall this year.