[24 March, Shenzhen] Frank F. Yang Art and Education Foundation (abbr. the foundation) and Design Society jointly present The Evolution of Communication. The exhibition is curated by Ying Kwok, guest annual curator of the foundation. It focuses on the transformation and development of language in the age when technology, humans and society rapidly evolve and grow. Artists play with the rhythm of languages, exploring the underlying meaning beyond the literal meaning in modern context.

The exhibition “The Evolution of Communication” includes the collection of the foundation as well as newly commissioned works. A series of sculptures, installations and 2-dimentional works will give diverse sensation to the viewer. Set against the capitalist society as the basic context, Chou Yu-Cheng and Guan Xiao’s works both able to synergize seemingly unrelated images and objects creating extra inter-referring meanings; Gordon Cheung used an array of media to capture the illusion between the virtual and actual realities of a modern capitalize world; Aaajiao tries to materialize and visualize the digital cyberspace by concentrating on a certain common digital phenomenon; Paul Chan cleverly makes use of the physicality of common found material, hinting us to the interplay of personal relationships and conflicts; Ryan Gander’s work questions our established knowledge by connecting the everyday and the abstruse concepts, conjuring a new mode of understanding.