Light, Heat, Power! | 第二届微征集项目

第二届杨锋艺术与教育基金会“微征集”项目的冠军方案,由青年策展人及研究者王子云策划的展览“Light,Heat,Power!”将于11月3日在上海留下空间开幕。此次展览作为留下空间的在地项目,借助作家茅盾在经典文本《子夜》中对上海的描述,围绕Light-光,Heat-热,Power- 力构建艺术与多重现实的关系。

虽有特定的时间线索可追述,此次展览并没有文献式地罗列出中国社会现代化历程中的切片, 而是把作品叙事的刻度放在一个广阔的时空中,交叠发散出星丛般的现场结构。Light—光(材质、形式、空间)指向展览中艺术家操纵媒介的方法和改造手段;Heat—热(能量、温度、狂热)关乎作品背后社会审美机制和现实境况的变化。Power—力(权力、力量、速度)探讨的不仅是历史动因和目的,也包含对当下信息爆发和加速感的回应。






The exhibition proposal of The Second Frank F. Yang Art and Education Foundation “Micro-Curatorial” Project “Light! Heat! Power!” will be presented on November 3, 2018 at Spare Space in Shanghai. This exhibition is curated by curator and art critic Wang Ziyun, who is the winner of this year’s “Micro-Curatorial” Project. As the site-specific project of Spare Space, the exhibition is drawn from the novelist Mao Dun’s depiction of Shanghai at his acclaimed opus Midnight and aims to build the relationship between art and multiple dimensions of reality around Light, Heat and Power.

Although one could explore the specific traces chronologically, this exhibition does not intend to list the breadth of China’s journey in social modernization with an archival presentation. The exhibition posits its narrative on a broader temporal and spatial parameter, around which a constellation of exhibition structure could be constructed. Light (material, form, and space) is included in the artists’ mediums and means of intervention to this exhibition; heat (energy, temperature, passion) is what fuels the transformations pertaining to social/aesthetic systems and actual conditions; and power (power, strength, speed) does not only point to the historical impetus and motives, but also serves as a response to the eruption and accelerated dissemination of information.